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Experienced Construction Site Clearing & Preparation

Site clearing can be a tricky task. For Thrasher Contracting & Trucking in Atlanta, Georgia, it's one we've performed many times. We have extensive experience in all aspects of construction site preparation, from excavation to demolition. In fact, Thrasher Contracting was recently part of a joint venture team, along with C.W. Matthews Contracting and APAC Southeast, Inc., to build the fifth runway at the Hartfield-Jackson Atlanta International Airport, one of the largest public works projects undertaken in the state of Georgia in recent memory.

With so many years of experience and several successful major projects, Thrasher Contracting has the knowledge and skills to help you prepare your construction site efficiently and safely. We provide help with grubbing and grading, as well as concrete installation. As a demolition contractor, we can even assist with the safe removal of large obstructions that are impeding your work. Our experienced staff will work around your needs to make sure your construction project moves forward without complications. Let us help you get the job done professionally and safely.

Site Preparation:

• Clearing
• Grubbing
• Grading
• Excavation
• Demolition
• Concrete Flatwork Installation

Concrete Work